Sweetens Cove Film Festival

Sweetens Cove Film Festival Celebrates Golf Legends and Laughs

What do a Gopher, Bob Barker and a West Texas Waffle House have in common?  The Sweetens Cove Film Festival, of course.

Houston is the first-stop on our national tour, with screenings of Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore and Tin Cup on August 9. Costumes, swag, snacks and sips of your favorite brown water.  Please join us, if that’s your town or send your friends along.

From there, it is off to Austin and Dallas.  Tickets for all three of the Texas events are available now.  Every event supports a great local cause.

Stay-tuned for announcements on Denver, Nashville and more.

Note: The following events have been postponed. New event dates will be released soon. 

Austin Edition: POSTPONED

Dallas Edition: POSTPONED