Inside Hook | Peyton Manning and His Famous Friends Released a Bourbon, And It’s a Winner

Posted by Sarah Bailey on

September 11, 2020

“In the end, they came up with five batches and four single barrels. While there will be subtle differences between each release, Sweetens Cove thankfully doesn’t come across as a vanity project. It’s at once sweet, floral and spicy with a satisfying mouthfeel; although the rye content on my sample batch was only 8%, it provided just enough kick while somehow the spirit itself remained gentle (I also picked up a bit of maple and pecan).

Overall, this is a complex sipper that exponentially improves over a day’s time — though at cask strength it’s going to sneak up on you hard. It seems like an ideal partner for a few rounds of golf. 

And it’s distinctive; as I told Eaves, I could pick Sweetens Cove out of a blind tasting lineup in a second (in a good way).”

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