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Introducing Kennessee

Kentucky and Tennessee bourbons blended together in toasted sugar maple wood by Marianne Eaves -- the inspired union of kindred spirits, together in delicious harmony.  Discover the story here about this exciting new product, perfect for happy hour, barbecues, tailgates or your favorite mixologist.

Coming soon to a state near you.  Ask your favorite retailer, bar or restaurant for Kennessee.

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Our Limited Edition 2021 Release

Roll out the barrels, here is our 2021 version: a blend of three Tennessee bourbons, aged 4, 6 and 16 years. Handcrafted by Marianne, from a collection of over 200 barrels, to create a special and one-of-a-kind offering.  This video shares the story and an inside look at her artisanal approach.

Available in Tennessee, Indiana, Texas, Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Nevada and South Carolina.

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Hand-Blended. Consummately-Crafted.

Meet Marianne Eaves. Our Master Blender. A whiskey pioneer. Kentucky’s first female master distiller and just a wonderful lady. Proud of her work and her principles of quality and craftsmanship. 

Learn more about the new Kennessee release here.

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5 Questions with Peyton Manning

The Sheriff always has something interesting to say. Hysterically funny and ever insightful. We asked him a round of questions that you’ll want to hear the answers to.

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