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Our Master Blender. A whiskey pioneer. Kentucky’s first female master distiller and just a wonderful lady. Proud of her work and her principles of quality and craftsmanship. 

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5 Questions with Peyton Manning

The Sheriff always has something interesting to say. Hysterically funny and ever insightful. We asked him a round of questions that you’ll want to hear the answers to.

The honey barrel

Its not called the The Honey Barrel Puting Green for nothin. This dance floor is a secret treasure, muck like our Sweetens Cove Kennessee.


Kentucky and Tennessee bourbons blended together in toasted sugar maple wood by Marianne Eaves -- the inspired union of kindred spirits, together in delicious harmony. 

Perfect for happy hour, barbecues, tailgates or your favorite mixologist. Ask your favorite retailer, bar or restaurant for Kennessee.

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