Maxim | The Best New American Whiskeys of 2020

Posted by Sarah Bailey on

November 20, 2020

"When you hear a cabal of celebrities got together to launch a spirit line, you'd be forgiven for an unsolicited eyeroll. Such is the case when sports superstars Peyton and brother Eli Manning, Andy Roddick, Jim Nantz and more join forces to release a high-priced bourbon dubbed Sweetens Cove. Skepticism would be understood, but the 100 barrels of 13-year-old Tennessee bourbon from which Sweetens Cove is sourced is some exceptional brown. A hat tip is also due to Marianne Eaves, the former Master Distiller of Castle & Key and Brown-Forman blender whom the Cove team tapped to blend the barrels into five batches (she also happens to be Kentucky’s first female Master Distiller since Prohibition). The first batch released in May and made our Father's Day Guide, and the second released in September. Although the source of the bourbon is a kept secret, some speculate that given its Tennessee provenance, 13-year age and specific mashbill (84% corn / 8% rye / 8% malted barley) that it's sourced from George Dickel. Given the quality of whiskey that comes from Cascade Hollow, that can only be a good thing. $200 SRP / 50.7% ABV"

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