Whiskey Consensus | Sweetens Cove Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Review

Whiskey Consensus | Sweetens Cove Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Review

"Sweetens Cove Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey was carefully curated and hand-blended by Master Distiller Marianne Eaves, who took 100 different barrels of Tennessee whiskey and crafted it into five distinct batches for bottling. The story of this spirit begins with a golf course. The Sweetens Cove golf course is a 9-hole track settled in the Sequatchie Valley, close to Chattanooga, Tennessee. The golf course was purchased by a group of friends in 2019 (Tom Nolan, Andy Roddick, Rob Collins, Mark Rivers, Peyton Manning, Skip Bronson, and Drew Holcomb) because they considered the course a rare and magical place. Although Sweetens Cove lacks plumbing or a clubhouse, it is considered one of the best sporting experiences in the world. First-time players celebrate the beauty of this course by taking a shot of whiskey on the first tee. Unique traditions, the beauty of the Sequatchie Valley, and the love of Tennessee inspired these friends to create a bourbon that exemplifies the spirit of Sweetens Cove.

Sweetens Cove is a limited and exclusive release consisting of 14,000 total bottles and will initially only available in Tennessee. The mash bill contains 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malt. After 13 years, the spirit was bottled at cask strength (102.18 proof), and MSRP was set approximately $200."

(Tasted neat from a Glencairn Glass)




The nose is sweet with hints of caramel and vanilla. As the spirit opens in the glass, notes of butterscotch and barrel char begin to appear.


The first sip has an oily viscosity and settles in the chest. Notes of caramel and vanilla are prominent. The second sip beings with a nice dark fruit note that is followed by aged oak and medicinal cherry. The third sip has a slight mouth-drying effect that is followed by a Pavlovian response. Seasoned leather, dry tobacco, and toasted oak notes are present.


The finish is long, pleasant, and well balanced. Oak, vanilla, and cherry notes are most prominent. As the finish begins to fade a nice floral note begins to appear.

In closing

Sweetens Cove looks as good as it tastes. The nose is enticing with notes of caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla. This spirit is well balanced with an oily viscosity. The palate is bombarded with notes of cherry, vanilla, seasoned leather, and dry tobacco. The finish is long and pleasant with a dark fruit note that transitions to a bright floral note as the finish begins to fade. This bottle would make a great addition to any bourbon lover’s collection.

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