Forbes | Meet The Woman Who Blended Peyton Manning’s Bourbon

Forbes | Meet The Woman Who Blended Peyton Manning’s Bourbon

June 22, 2020

“Sweetens Cove is Eaves’ first brand to hit the shelves, and she already has a few more in the works. But it may be difficult for her to replicate the quality of this whiskey.

 She had access to some 100 barrels of 13-year-old Tennessee bourbon most likely from the George Dickel Distillery. The whiskey’s complex, velvety and offers beautiful hints of chocolate and fruit.

Here’s the thing that makes the blending so difficult with a product like this: There’s a lot of this whiskey on the wholesale market, meaning the distillery puts the liquid up for purchase to other distilled spirits plants. And Dickel’s profile is distinct, making it harder for a sourced Tennessee bourbon to stand out. 

But blenders like Barrell have found ways to have a house profile without tasting like George Dickel products. Eaves shares this blending gift of taking another distiller’s liquid and making a unique whiskey brand.

That’s why Sweetens Cove is such a win for Eaves’ first product. While she did not distill the liquid, Eaves pieced together a batch that’s both delicious and unique.”

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