Maxim | 8 Great Bottles, Accessories and Gift Ideas for a Spirited Father’s Day

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June 16, 2020

“For the dad who loves the Broncos, Colts, NY Giants, football, golf or really sports of any kind, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bottle of brown than Sweetens Cove. With backing by Peyton Manning (and his brother Eli and tennis great Andy Roddick), Sweetens Cove is a one-off Tennessee bourbon. Sure it’s got a high price point, but this is rare juice: a 100-barrel stash of exquisite 13-year old bourbon found in a dusty Kentucky warehouse, expertly blended by Kentucky’s first female Master Distiller since Prohibition, Marianne Eaves. The whiskey is an homage to a remote 9-hole golf course at the end of a gravel road in Tennessee’s Sequatchie Valley, dubbed golf’s “Field of Dreams.” Apparently you start each game with a shot of whiskey, and that’s where the Manning Brothers got the inspiration for Sweetens Cove. Give dad a shot before he recreates his own Field of Dreams in your backyard. $200

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