A Tennessee Treasure.

It started on the links.

Sweetens Cove Golf Club
It’s a 9-hole track at the end of a gravel road in the Sequatchie Valley. This breathtaking setting has been called golf’s “Field of Dreams.” A group of friends bought Sweetens Cove in 2019 knowing that, if golf had national parks, this would be one – a rare, magical place to be protected, preserved and shared. Today, it remains a public treasure and the end-point of pilgrimages for fanatics and aficionados.

And a shot of whiskey on the first tee.

Shot of whiskey at Sweetens Cove

Sweetens never had a clubhouse or, even plumbing. But it was one of the most-acclaimed sporting experiences in the world and, was building its own traditions. One of those – a celebratory shot of whiskey for first-timers on the first tee.

With friends inspired by place and a passion for excellence.

Sweetens Cove Owners

The friends have been inspired by this special place, the unique traditions and the love of Tennessee that comes to life with every visit. So, they set out to create a Bourbon that is much like the spirit of Sweetens – artisan, premium and to be discovered. 

Thanks for your friendship and support. From left to right: Tom Nolan, Andy Roddick, Rob Collins, Mark Rivers, Peyton Manning, plus Skip Bronson and Drew Holcomb (not pictured).